February 22, 2015 – Art of Plating – Encore!

ficggigaThe February 22nd event, Sebastien and Hannah Milot (Sebastien’s Gourmet & Catering www.sebastiensgourmet.ca) was sold out. Organizers are whipping up a second food-lover’s special program at the AGNS Western Branch on Sunday, March 29th at 2 p.m.

They’ll show us all about the art of plating and tantalize our taste buds with samplers. Imagine eating a Caprese skewer, a Jerked Shrimp with Coconut Mango Sauce, Bourbon Meatball, and a Puffed Pastry Wafer with a Creamy mixture of Pistachio & Goat Cheese and Chive piped in the center.

egjjhiieThe second offering will include: Limoncello Mousse in a Flaky Phyllo cup, garnished with a Fresh Raspberry, Candied Lemon Zest and a Mint Leaf on Raspberry Coulis Paint. It will also include a Chocolate Espresso Brownie cup with their Decadent Chocolate Mousse piped into it, topped with a fresh Strawberry slice, atop a bed of Crème Fraiche, Chocolate Cookie Crumbs and Chocolate Drizzle.

Sebastien says, “We will demonstrate the preparation of each of these while also discussing our process in choosing menu items and developing the recipes and presentation of each item.”

The food, the demo, the camaraderie—all for $20. White wine available for purchase by the glass.

Same deal: ONLY 40 TICKETS. So get into the AGNS pronto to buy your tickets! Call 902 749-2248 or drop in Wed.-Fri.. 10-5; Sat-Sun. 12-5