June 6, 2014 – The story starts here


Well, it’s about to happen. Sandra Phiney’s book is rolling off the presses and will be launched a the AGNS Wednesday June 18 between 6-8 p.m.  She’d love to see you there. Sandra calls it a “wee book” but although it’s relatively small (8.5 in. x 5.5 in; 108 pages) it is loaded with 190 photos. 

Titled Maud Lewis and the “Maudified” House Project–the Story Starts Here,  Sandra says on page 5, “This book is primarily a photo documentary of the “Maudified” house project and the artists who were involved. Readers will also find some interesting information about Maud Lewis, a few stories from people who knew her, and other odds and sods related to this amazing woman. The book also celebrates the importance of volunteers, and shows how a community can rally around a common goal and make things happen.” 

Aside from enjoying refreshments and camaraderie at the book launch, you’ll also have a chance to view a TV documentary that CBC produced in 1965 titled “The Once Upon a Time World of Maud Lewis.”  The Friends of the AGNS (Yarmouth) purchased the film and will be showing it at half hour intervals throughout the launch. It’s a great chance to see live footage of Maud and Everett in their home in Marshalltown.

Hope to see you at the launch!