The Carl Doty Art Scholarship – 2018

This scholarship is to honour Carl Doty-a Yarmouth philanthropist, patron of the arts and supporter of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Friends of the AGNS Western Branch Society.

The scholarship is valued at $1500.00, and is intended to offset the costs of tuition/training of a student who is in his or her final year in high school, community college or home schooling in Yarmouth, Digby or Shelburne Counties, and who intends to pursue an education in fine arts, built environment, or product design. This scholarship is intended to include professional areas such as Fine Arts (painting, etching, sculpture, pottery, fabric art), Photography, Graphic Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Industrial Design in a recognized program (or setting) of higher learning.

The scholarship is administered by the executive of the Friends of the AGNS Western Branch Society along with a designated member of the Yarmouth Arts Society. All applicants will be advised of the results, and the recipient will be recognized at their graduation ceremony. A cheque will be sent directly to the institution once proof of enrollment is provided.

The completed application form (attached) including artwork, personal essay and sealed reference letter from an art teacher/instructor must be received at the Art Gallery by May 1, 2018.

Friends of the AGNS Western Branch Society

PO Box 246 Yarmouth NS   B5A 4B2

Physical address: 341 Main Street, Yarmouth (entrance on Alma Square)


The applicant must submit three (3) original pieces. Each work must be identified with your name, title and address.

•  1. A graphic representation of a single “object” intended to illustrate your control of a drawing medium (pencil, ink, marker, brush, etc.)

•  2. A design/composition using three colours of your choice.

•  3. A piece of your work that exemplifies your particular professional interest (see list in paragraph two above)

B.   The applicant must submit a personal essay, maximum 600 words. The essay must cover these  three points:

  1. Insights into the three pieces of art you have submitted.
  2. Your future plans.
  3. Tell us something about who you are.
  • The applicant must provide a sealed letter of reference from an art teacher/instructor/mentor

The Carl Doty Art Scholarship – APPLICATION FORM

Student’s name:

Date of application:

Mailing Address (including Postal Code)

Telephone number:


Name of school currently attending:

Name of post-secondary institution or training program you plan to attend:

Original work #1 (Graphic)

Title and medium:

Original work #2 (Design)

Title and Medium:

Original work #3 (Professional Interest)

Title and Medium:


My application includes three pieces of original work as specified. The work is original and is mine. I agree to leave my work in the care of the Friends of the AGNS Western Branch Society for up to three months in case there is an opportunity to display it. I will pick up my work between Aug. 1-15, 2018. Along with this application form, I have submitted the three original works, my essay and a sealed letter of reference.

Signed: _______________________________________________________


To the best of my knowledge, the works submitted are the original work of the applicant. I believe the applicant is qualified to enter the indicated post secondary program he/ she has submitted.

Signed: _______________________________________________________