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Carl Doty Scholarship winner announced

Darcie Doucette, Kathryn and Nancy Doty

The winner of The Carl Doty Art Scholarship 2017 is Kathryn Chisholm of Digby Regional High School. Her visual art teacher is Darcie Doucette.

Kathryn is going to St. Thomas University to study Fine Arts, History and Languages.


Regular and AGM Meetings

The Regular and AGM meetings of the Friends of AGNS Yarmouth Branch Society will be held on March 16th at noon at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia on Main Street, Yarmouth.

Carl Doty Scholarship – 2017

The Carl Doty Art Scholarship

May 1, 2017

This scholarship is in honour of Yarmouthian Carl Doty- philanthropist, patron of the arts, supporter of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Friends of the AGNS Western Branch Society.

The scholarship, valued at $1500, is to offset the costs of tuition/training of a student who is in his or her final year in high school, community college or home schooling in Yarmouth, Digby or Shelburne, who intends to study art in a recognized program (or setting) of higher learning.

The scholarship is administered by the executive of the Friends of the AGNS Western Branch Society along with a designated member of the Yarmouth Arts Society. All applicants will be advised of the results, and the recipient will be recognized at their graduation ceremony. A cheque will be sent directly to the intuition once proof of enrollment is provided.

The completed application form (attached) including artwork, personal essay and sealed reference letter from an art teacher/instructor must be received at the Art Gallery by May 1, 2017 .

Friends of the AGNS Western Branch Society

PO Box 246   Yarmouth NS    B5A 4B2

Physical address: 341 Main Street, Yarmouth 9entrance on Alma Square)


  1. The applicant must submit three (3) original pieces. Each work must be identified with your name, title and address.
  1. A drawing of a chair, tree or your hand.
  2. A design (art work) using three (3) colours only.
  3. A piece of your work that exemplifies your particular interest (painting, etching, sculpture, photography etc.)
  1. The applicant must submit a personal essay, maximum 600 words. The essay must cover these three points:
  1. Insights into the three pieces of art you have submitted.
  2. Your future plans.
  3. Tell us something about who you are.
  1. The applicant must provide a sealed letter of reference from and art teacher/instructor.

The Carl Doty Art Scholarship – APPLICATION FORM

Student’s name:

Date of application:

Mailing Address (including Postal Code)

Telephone number:


Name of school currently attending:

Name of post-secondary institution or training program you plan to attend:

Art work #1 Drawing

       Title and medium:

Art work #2 Design using three colours

       Title and Medium:

Art work #3 Work of choice

        Title and Medium:


My application includes three pieces of artwork as specified. The artwork is original and is mine. I agree to leave my work in the care of the Friends of the AGNS Western Branch Society for up to three months in case there is an opportunity to display it. I will pick up my work between Aug. 1-15, 2017. Along with this application form, I have submitted the three works of art, my essay and a sealed letter of reference.

Signed: _______________________________________________________


To the best of my knowledge, the works submitted are the original work of the applicant. I believe the applicant is qualified to enter the indicated post secondary program he/ she has indicated.

Signed: _______________________________________________________

The DOORS – The Poster

Yes. We now have the DOORS fabulous poster. A true treasure of this 10th Anniversary GALA. Get yours at the event on May 28th at 5:30. You do not want to miss this once in a life time event in Yarmouth.

Poster X (the end)



Alma Square – a new look

IMG_0382Today marked a milestone toward the Red Carpet event of the 10th Anniversary Gala. We had cooperation from the weather and fantastic participation in the painting of the floor mural. Special thanks to the measuring tape, masking tape, and  painting team: Suzanne Babin-Muise, Shari Surette, Brian Porter, the three guys who just showed up – Mark Davis, J0b Fiander and Joe Falls, and Councillor Sandy Dennis. Thanks also to  Carole Bojarski and Angela Collier for moral support, coffee and lunch.

Dan Earle, designer and “Gee, I hope this all works” guy with the instruction paper has this to say about the design:

IMG_0383The Alma Square Floor Mural was conceived as an extension of the Paths We Share exhibit opening at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia on May 28th, 2016.

One of the paths we all share in life is patterns of biology which often, surprisingly, are also mathematically describable.

One of these sequences of life forms was discovered by the mathematician, Leonardo of Piza, also known as Fibonacci. This simple sequence of… where the last two numbers are added to get the next is amazing descriptive of life form sequences such as the spirals of sunflower seeds and shells.

Artistically these sequences produce a unit called the “golden mean” which often shows up in painting composition and in the proportions of great architecture.

Our concept for Alma Square is that we will lay down one of the most basic paths we share patterns and that, over time, others will add to and elaborate on this pattern of life in an evolutionary manner.

You will note that there is a counter pattern that has not been painted. While life has structure it also has variation. This is not a static design but an opportunity for the community to express itself and its vision of the future of life images.

If that is a bit heavy, just enjoy the patterns.

Maudified House History

The Friends of AGNS, 1n 2014, under the direction of Wendy Jones, sponsored the Modified House Project as a community celebration of Maud Lewis and as a fund raiser for the AGNS programs we support. The houses were exhibited about the town during the summer and auctioned off at a gala in the fall. Below are the houses, each painted by a different local artist. The houses were supplied by sponsoring local businesses.

Click on photo to see larger version.

Canadian Art Finder app available

If you go to your app download service you can search for Canadian Art Finder and add it to your pad or phone apps. It is a quick reference to art galleries across Canada. I tried it. Unfortunately, our galleries in Nova Scotia did not show up so I sent them a gentle reminder that we do have the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax and Yarmouth.

Movies anyone? visit the AGNS

cghfhegdO LIGHT A CANDLE: This new documentary will be viewed the AGNS Western Branch, Sunday, March 15 at 2 p.m. It was created by Canadian journalist and filmmaker Maziar Bahari, who, after spending 118 days in an Iranian prison without charges, was inspired by the resilience of the Baha’i community in the face of unrelenting persecution, to produce the film, which is also part of a global campaign titled, “Education is Not a Crime.”

Looking for volunteers

The Art Gallery is looking for more volunteers to help with children’s programs, in particular, school visits. This may interest some of you—it’s a wonderful way to connect children and art!

Here’s information about upcoming training:

At the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Western branch, here in Yarmouth, we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to act as docents for our school tours. More bookings for school visits are being made now from all over the tri-county area, thanks in large part to the Friends of the Art Gallery who now offer financial help with the cost of bussing. With the increase in bookings comes an increase in the number of volunteers that we need to give quality programs for the classes.

Docents are trained guides who introduce students to exhibits and play an important role in making the Gallery visit a rewarding and instructive experience. We do give training and support! An introductory training session is being planned for Tuesday, March 3rd at the Gallery. This will be a full day with lunch provided.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in a volunteer experience that’s unique, challenging, and a lot of fun! Please call the AGNS at 902 749-2248 for more information and to put your name down for March 3rd.

Please let us know if you’d like to know more—Thanks!