The Board of the Friends of the Art Gallery consists of:

  • Carole Hill-Bojarski (Chair)
  • Linda Cain (Treasurer)
  • Dan Earle (Secretary) (Social Media)
  • Linda Coakley
  • Dette MacMillan
  • Darcy d’Eon
  • MattFraser (Governance)
  • Jude Fulton (Scholarship)
  • Dave Gorman
  • Joanne Ransom

In addition, Irene d”Entremont acts as our contact with the Board of AGNS in Halifax.

To get in touch with the Board you may contact Angela Collier or Selena Crosson at 902-749-2248 or 902-749-2251. They are located at 341 Main Street, Yarmouth, NS, B5A  1E7. You will be directed to the most appropriate person to serve your needs.