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New Community Room Show: Croscup Painted Parlour

Bring the Croscup Painted Parlour home to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Western Branch. 

August 20 to October 18, 2015 Community Room Show
August 20, 2015 Opening Reception and Presentation by Ern Dick 6 to 7:30pm

William and Hannah Amelia Croscup had their front parlour in their new 1845 home in Karsdale, Nova Scotia painted by the naval ensign, William Thackeray, in return for room and board.  It was ‘discovered’ and promoted by Cora Greenaway in the the 1960’s and purchased by the National Gallery of Canada in 1976 from Roy and Margaret Hall.   The Croscup Painted Parlour represents the most ambitious and sophisticated example of pre-Confederation interior decoration in Canada and is now restored and installed at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

Croscup 2Losing the Croscup Painted Parlour to Ottawa galvanized the heritage movement  in Nova Scotia and led to the formation of the Friends of the Croscup Painted Parlour.  In 2005 they worked with descendants of the Croscup Family, the National Gallery of Canada, Cora Greenaway, Roy and Margaret Hall and the community to re-interpret the Croscup Painted Parlour.  They also had high-quality 50% scale reproductions of the murals made and offered their insights and understanding of the Croscup Painted Parlour from the south-western Nova Scotia perspective.

Croscup 1Ernest J. Dick has been preserving and enlivening the past for Canadian broadcasting, for the film and television of Atlantic Canada, for the tragedy of TCA Flight 831 and for the communities of Annapolis Royal and Granville Ferry for 40+ years.  Ern worked with the Friends of the Crosup Painted Parlour and the Annapolis Heritage Society in ‘Bringing the CroscuPainted Parlour Home” and will present what was learned by ‘bringing’ the painted parlour back to Nova Scotia.

The Path We Share: Charles Doucette, Fran Francis, Courtney Leonard and Alan Syliboy


Charles Doucette, Interconnected.

Charles Doucette, Interconnected.

Work by Fran Francis.

Work by Fran Francis.

Courtney Leonard, Whale Sculpture, Installation in Ship Harbour

Courtney Leonard, Whale Sculpture, Installation in Ship Harbour

Artist Alan Syliboy at work.

Artist Alan Syliboy at work.

Four contemporary First Nations artists will be brought together to take part in a creative residency, sponsored by Acadia First Nation, at the AGNS Western Branch in August 2015: Charles Doucette, Fran Francis, Courtney Leonard and Alan Syliboy.  This residency represents the second phase of The Path We Share project, following a similar residency held at The Deanery in Lower Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia, in 2014.  After working independently for a year, the four artists will reconvene in Yarmouth to continue working together and sharing ideas.  In this context, the artistic process will be made visible in lead-up to planned group exhibition of their work.

The general public will be able to engage the artists in conversation and dialogue through a variety of avenues including: the “open door” format of the Community Room August 10 to 14,2015, and a “Meet and Greet the Artists” event on August 13, 2015 from 4pm to 6pm. Light refreshments will be served.
The basis of this collaborative exchange is centered on reconciling the parallel journeys of the Mi’kmaq People and the whales of the North Atlantic.  As artist Alan Syliboy states:

Whales are seldom-sighted travelers indigenous to the world beneath the waters of Mi’kma’ki.  Recently (just a few centuries back), the course of whale life was significantly altered by contact with visitors who stayed.  While predation did not begin with these settlers, their pursuit of livelihoods beyond subsistence became a threat to the very existence of whales.  Their habitat too, has deteriorated with the depletion of food sources, purity of water, and intrusion of substances, sounds, climatic change, and physical hazards that have accompanied the new ways.

Breaking Patterns exhibit at AGNS

ifdjahgeA stunning show titled Breaking Patterns, by the Artist’s Way Collective (AWC) from Annapolis County, officially opens with a reception Friday, November 7, at 6 pm at the AGNS Western Branch, and will be on exhibit until February 28.

The AWC had its beginnings in 2012 when a group of artists in Annapolis County began meeting weekly to discuss The Artist’s Way, a book about creativity written by Julia Cameron. They have been doing joint exhibitions since then.

The challenge they gave themselves for this new exhibit in Yarmouth was to stretch their artistic skills by going beyond their usual individual approaches. In so doing, they focused on the saying, “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge,” words that originated with Tuli Kupferberg, American counterculture poet, author, cartoonist, pacifist anarchist, publisher and co-founder of the band The Fugs.

djicabhcWith this quote in mind, the group created the pieces that will be on exhibit. One is a collaborative effort—a large mosaic-style installation made up of multiple canvasses painted by each artist. While the size and number of canvasses was set by the group, each artist was free to use various colours and styles.

In addition to the collective installation, each artist will exhibit an individual array of work ranging from oils, pen and ink, pastels, watercolours, fibre, acrylics and collage.

The five artists will be present at the opening reception. This free event is sponsored by the Friends of the AGNS Western Branch Society with the generous support of Coastal Financial.

Hooked on Maud exhibit





Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Western Branch Yarmouth Community Room Show May 1 to 30th, 2014

Opening reception Thursday May 1, 2014 from 5-7pm. All are welcome!

Students of the Applied Media and Communication Arts (AMCA) program at NSCC Burridge Campus are delighted to show off their work by way of an art-show based around a central theme.

In the spirit of celebrating the arrival of the new ferry service, it only seemed natural to depict a relevant theme, so they give you: SALT.

SALT represents many things – from the beloved ocean that shapes Yarmouth’s character, to the people who’ve spent all their years living by, and off of our sea.

Art Hits the Wall

Art Hits the Wall showcasing rugs and quilts as art !
October 26 to November 23, 2013Rug art
Show opening will be at 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 26
with a tea social hosted by the local Rug Hookers of Yarmouth & Area.
The title, “Art Hits The Wall” was chosen by the committee to convey the message that it was time to “add excitement…whip the rugs off the floor, tear quilts off the beds and create them as hanging art” which is what the event continues to

In the Garden Show extended to end of September!


Sue Hutchins photo "Reader's Refuge"depicting David and Judy Sollows' garden.

Sue Hutchins photo “Reader’s Refuge”depicting David and Judy Sollows’ garden.

Public and private gardens of Yarmouth and area have been celebrated this summer with an exhibit arranged in cooperation with Communities in Bloom. The Yarmouth Art Society, the Write Away writers group and the Yarmouth Photography Club are happy that the show has been extended until the end of September. Nineteen gardens have been interpreted through art, photography and the written word.  Come visit!

















































Public and private gardens of Yarmouth and area have been celebrated this summer with an exhibit arranged in cooperation with Communities in Bloom. The Yarmouth Art Society, the Write Away writers group and the Yarmouth Photography Club are pleased to say that theshow has been extended to the end of September. Come see how gardens have been interpreted through art, photography and the written word.